avatar Written by Graeme on Thursday, August 25th, 2022

Here at BetCFL.net, we are very strict in regard to what online sportsbooks we list here. We only list sportsbooks that we personally use to bet CFL. Sportsbooks that over the years, we have deemed trustworthy enough to recommend.

However, we understand many of you will bet at different sportsbooks. Some of which, may not seem as trustworthy to everyone.

Regardless of whether or not they are trustworthy, it is common for problems to arise with online sportsbooks and casinos. They are businesses after all. It is not unique to them; issues arise with gambling companies just as you will encounter issues with your local convenience store or Amazon.

Problems that arise can include issues with getting your withdrawal, bets being voided, and promotions not being followed through upon. Online casinos and sportsbooks make it much more difficult too compared to land-based casinos. Speaking of, a great resource for land-based casinos is casino maps so if you are having issues online, check them out for your local casino to bet at instead. Their reviews state whether they have a sportsbook or not.

In this article, I’m going to cover what to do if a problem arises with an online sportsbook.

#1: Stay Calm

This is the most important thing. Too many people get emotional whenever there is an issue. The last thing you should be doing is taking your anger and rage out on a customer service representative.

These people are here to help you, and if you are being rude to them? Well, they aren’t going to really offer you much help or go that extra mile for you.

Be polite to the CSRs and understand that they are just doing their job.

#2: Provide Any Needed Information or Documentation

If it is a withdrawal problem and they are requesting documentation, you need to give it to them. It can be a huge hassle – I get that – but they are generally trying to make sure that you are not committing any sort of fraud.

If it is an issue with a bet, provide all the data necessary. If a bet was marked as lost when it won for example, provide links to back up the actual correct result.

#3: Take Screenshots of Everything

Have records of all of the e-mails and correspondences between yourself and the company. Document everything. If it’s an issue with a bet, take screenshots of the bet. While it may not help you now – taking screenshots of bets as you place them can be a smart idea so that if an issue ever arises, you don’t have to rely on the bet slip.

#4: Be Patient

I know it’s hard to do so when money is involved but these companies need time to explore everything. I’ve had issues before where the sportsbook made a glaring error on a bet in regard to a result. They incorrectly marked a bet as a loss when the Eskimos were -7 and won by 8.

It took 3 days for it to be fixed, even though it was an easy fix. It was very frustrating at times but I was polite, and patient and I got my money. The sportsbook even gave me a free $20 bet due to the issue.

Unfortunately, sometimes the issues won’t be resolved despite your politeness and patience. Then there are a few other solutions to take.

Submit A Complaint

There are a few authorities out there who will work on your behalf. You can submit an online complaint at ThePogg.com as an example. While they primarily deal with casinos, most sportsbooks have a casino and so they all fall under the same umbrella.

You can go through their website as well and see previous issues with online gambling properties. They do a fantastic job.

If the online gambling property you are dealing with is regulated, you can also contact the gaming commission in that jurisdiction.

Social Media

Another method is social media. Companies don’t like bad press. Going to the likes of Reddit, Facebook, Twitter and other sources can work out for you.

However the same rules apply as point #1 above – don’t be emotional.

Don’t get caught up in a long-winded narrative.

Write a clear and concise post. Even create a blog post with the details summed up. Just stick to the facts. Then start sharing it on social media, and alert the sportsbook that you are doing so. Tag them in your posts.

This usually helps get the attention of the higher-ups who will deal with the matter promptly.