CFL Weekly Betting Tips


Welcome to the Weekly CFL Betting Tips. This page will provide you with the latest CFL betting picks for this week, as well as provide an archive of all of our tips for complete transparency.

There are two people working on these tips – Graeme & Scott(with collaboration from a top CFL Linesmaker). Each week, Graeme will write two of the articles with his betting tips and Scott will write the other two betting tips articles, with his tips.

However both of us for the most part agree on the tips we post. We get together and we go through all the data, study the games and analyze everything and then both of us work together to come up with the best possible CFL Betting Tips for you.

Here are the latest CFL Tips for this week:

  • CFL Division Finals 2019 Betting Tips It was a 1-1 week last week with the Division Semi Finals.
    One Alberta team made it and one did not. The one that did was the Edmonton Eskimos. We actually took the Alouettes -2 there thinking Montreal would be up for the game and able to take it. Alas they started slow ...

And here is a complete archive of all of our tips: