avatar Written by Scott on Friday, September 9th, 2022

We had 3 tips last week.

Congrats to Team Canada who won the Women’s World Hockey Championship for the 2nd year in a row beating the U.S 2-1.

First we had the Alouettes -4.5 against the Redblacks but the Redblacks won 38-24.  Ottawas defense was strong in this game.  The picked off Harris twice, sacked him 4 times and forced a fumble which they recovered and scored.

Had the Bombers -3.5 against the Roughriders but they couldn’t cover the spread winning by only 2 points 20-18.  The win clinched a playoff for the Bombers.  This game was tied late but a 55-yard field goal from Marc Liegghio, and an interception from Nick Hallett sealed the deal.

We had over 50 in the Argos vs Ticats game.  The game was tied 8-8 after the first half, in the 2nd half it was all Argos where they put up 20 points and won 28-8 which was under the 50 points.  Banks rushed one and caught another in the 4th for the Argos.

The spread was too much in the Elks vs Stamps game so we avoided that one.  The Stamps won but only by 8 and the spread was -12.5 for the Stamps.


Lions vs Alouettes Betting Tips

The Lions were off last week and lost to the Roughriders in their last game in week 12.  The Als lost last week to the Redblacks yet are still in 2nd place in the East with a 4-7 record.

With the Lions having last week off they have had time to go over some problems that hurt them in their last game and should be able to pick up the win here.

Lions -3.5

Argonauts vs Redblacks Betting Tips

The Argos beat the Ticats and the Redblacks beat the Alouettes last week.   The Argos are in 1st in the East with 12 points, the Redblacks are in 3rd with 6 points

These teams played each other back in week 8 with the Redblacks winning 23-13.  They meet again next week for the 3rd and final time.

The Argos can’t lose this game or they will lose the season series against the Redblacks.

Argos -2


Roughriders vs Blue Bombers Betting Tips

The Riders are in 4th place in the West with 12 points, the Bombers are way in front in the West and the league with 22 points.

I like the Bombers to win this game but the spread is -7.  Can they win by more that a touchdown?  They played last week and won only by 2 points. Their last 3 games were decided by 3 points or less so I’ll go with the Riders to keep it within a touchdown.

Riders +7

Stampeders vs Elks Betting Tips

They played last week and the Stamps won by 8 but it didn’t cover the 12.5 spread.  They have played each other 3 times so far with the Stamp winning all 3.

Like last week when they played the spread is large. The spread is now Stamps – 8.5.  With the game in Edmonton maybe the Elks can keep it closer than last week.  I’m skipping this game.