avatar Written by Scott on Monday, November 15th, 2021

So here we are.  The final week of the regular season.

We had 2 tips last week and went 2-0.

First we had the Argonauts +3 against the Tiger-Cats and they didn’t need the points as they won with ease 31-12.  With the win the Argos clinched first place in the East Divison and home field advantage.

Our other tip was the Stampeders -2.5 against the Lions and they covered winning 33-23.  With the win the Stamps clinched a playoff spot and officially eliminated the Lions from the playoffs.

There was two other games that we avoided.
The Alouettes beat the Blue Bombers 28-14.  The Bombers have already locked up 1st place in the West and the league so was nothing to really play for in this game.

The Roughriders beat the Elks 29-24 it what was a close game.  But with the win the Riders will host the West Semi-final game on November 28th.

There is 5 games this week and it starts with 1 game on Tuesday, 2 on Friday and 2 more on Saturday.


Elks vs Argonauts Betting Tips

The Elks are in last place in the West and tied with the Redblacks for last in the league.  They play two games this week so they could pass Ottawa and not finish last.

The Argos have locked up the East.  I could see them not going all out here as they have nothing to gain or lose.  Why not rest some players to keep them healthy for the playoffs.

The Elks kept their game last week against the Riders close and with the Argos surely going on cruise control in this game.

Elks +7.5

RedBlacks vs Alouettes Betting Tips

As mentioned above the Redblacks are tied for last place in the league.  The Alouettes are tied with the Ticats for 2nd place in the East.

The Redblacks know that if they don’t want to finish last then they need to win this game and hope the Elks lose both of theirs.

It’s nice to have a game where both teams are playing for something although the Als have more to lose than the Redblacks. The spread is big.  I do think the Als win but can’t take them -14.5

Redblacks +14.5


Elks vs Lions Betting Tips

Again the Elks are out and in the basment.   The Lions are also out and now are only playing for pride.

The Lions were a better team than the Elks in the standings.  The Elks have won only 2 games this season and one of those games was against the Lions.

With both teams eliminated from the playoffs I’m skipping this game.

Roughriders vs Tiger-Cats Betting Tips

Both teams are currently in 2nd place in their respective division.   The Ticats need a win to stay ahead of the Alouettes and have home field in the East Semi-final.

The Riders are locked in at 2nd place.  They can’t move any higher or drop any lower.  With that being said why not rest your starters to keep fresh for the playoffs.

Tiger-Cats -1

Blue Bombers vs Stampeders Betting Tips

Both teams are locked in where they are.

The Bombers were the best team in the league by far this season.  The Stamps are in 3rd with 14 points which means a win or loss leaves them right there.

Both are in the playoffs, both have nothing to gain or lose so I don’t know who will win this game and I’ll avoid a tip for it.