avatar Written by Graeme & Scott on Friday, July 11th, 2014

We had a great bounce back last week in the CFL, as we went 3-1 in the Week 2 Betting Tips, after a losing week in Week 1.

It started off great although rather tight. We had the Blue Bombers -7 and they played the REDBLACKS, making their debut for the CFL season. This was a tight one, but thankfully the Blue Bombers won by exactly 8 points to cover the spread there.

Eskimos continued to make it tight, against the Tiger-Cats. We had the Edmonton Eskimos -3.5 and they had a battling performance against Hamilton, winning by 4 points to make it an even tighter win. But a win is a win and that’s all that matters!

The Roughriders and Argonauts went over the 54 point mark – although it was mostly thanks to the Argos, who racked up 48 points by themselves. Saskatchewan only got 15 points in a surprisingly lame duck performance.

Our only loss was the Over 51 points in Lions vs Alouettes. As expected, it was a different Alouettes team however the Lions just did not come to play at all, and were incredibly disappointing putting up just 9 weak points.

Week 3 of the CFL kicks off today, July 11th 2014. We have 2 games on 2 days, and here is the schedule:

Friday, July 11th 2014: Blue Bombers vs Alouettes, REDBLACKS vs Eskimos
Saturday, July 12th 2014: Stampeders vs Argonauts, Lions vs Roughriders.

Should be some good games. The Eskimos one especially – 2-0 to start the season, and the Eskimo fans are getting some hope at the moment. Silly, silly Edmonton sports fans!

Alright, let’s get to the betting tips:

Blue Bombers vs Alouettes Betting Tips:

The Blue Bombers come into this one 2-0, after beating the Argonauts and the REDBLACKS. Montreal lost in Week 1, but then hammered the Lions 24-9 last week.

We’re very, very surprised at the odds. The Blue Bombers have looked good, beating a tough Argos team. Alouettes beat the Lions last week, but B.C. have injury issues and are poor so far this season. Yet the Blue Bombers are 3 point underdogs.

Take the Blue Bombers +3 all day long here. The Over 49.5 points is tempting as well if the Alouettes offense can keep going. Winnipeg defense isn’t anything to write home about, so I’d look at that as well.

REDBLACKS vs Eskimos Betting Tips:

We were really impressed with the Eskimos 27-20 win over the Lions in Week 1. Less so after watching BC last week. Their defense is a mess, and it looks like anyone can score against them. The Eskimos look very solid on offense, and have a very aggressive defense. Watkins is looking fantastic right now.

Despite their loss, the REDBLACKS started well against the Blue Bombers. If they keep up the 1st half performance and put it into the full game against the Eskimos they could do quite well.

We’ll go with Over 52.5 points at Bovada.

Stampeders vs Argonauts Betting Tips:

A tight point spread here with the Stampeders +1. The Over/Under is set at 54 points.

Stampeders got off to a great start beating the Alouettes, while the Argonauts lost in Week 1 to Winnipeg, but bounced back against the Roughriders.

Picking a winner here is tough. Stampeders 2.00 odds to win is probably 0EV. The Over 54 points is what we would recommend.

Lions vs Roughriders Betting Tips:

After a strong week 1, the Roughriders were hammered last week by the Argonauts. The B.C. Lions are struggling with injuries, although some people are coming back.

The current line is 6 points, with the Over/Under of 49.5. The BC Lions still look to be struggling, and honestly we’d set the line at 7.5. With the 6pt line, it’s a no-brainer to bet Roughriders -6 at Bovada.