avatar Written by Graeme & Scott on Monday, March 18th, 2019

On this page you can find the CFL 2019 Regular Season Schedule.

We’ve offered up this searchable table of the CFL 2019 season so you can easily check the schedule for upcoming games.

It’s listed as a breakdown by weeks and then the date provided.

You can look at the entire schedule or use the search option to search for your favourite team and see who the Redblacks or Eskimos are playing only.

This regular season schedule is also printable so if you’re looking for a 2019 CFL Season Calendar in printable format, look no more!

One thing we haven’t did is timezones. If that’s something that interests you, let us know via the comments for the future. If you came here looking for a CFL 2019 Schedule in EST or a CFL Schedule in Mountain Time then let us know so we can start adding that for future years.

It’s also a downloadable CFL Regular Season Schedule. Feel free to download it in PDF for Excel Format!

Here’s the 2019 CFL Schedule and any questions, hit us up in the comments:

CFL 2019 Regular Season Schedule

Week: Date: Road Team: Home Team:
1 June 13th Saskatchewan Roughriders Hamilton Tiger-Cats
1 June 14th Montreal Alouettes Edmonton Eskimos
1 June 15th Ottawa Redblacks Calgary Stampeders
1 June 15th Winnipeg Blue Bombers B.C. Lions
2 June 20th Saskatchewan Roughriders Ottawa Redblacks
2 June 21st B.C. Lions Edmonton Eskimos
2 June 22nd Hamilton Tiger-Cats Toronto Argonauts
3 June 27th Edmonton Eskimos Winnipeg Blue Bombers
3 June 28th Montreal Alouettes Hamilton Tiger-Cats
3 June 29th B.C. Lions Calgary Stampeders
3 July 1st Toronto Argonauts Saskatchewan Roughriders
4 July 4th Hamilton Tiger-Cats Montreal Alouettes
4 July 5th Winnipeg Blue Bombers Ottawa Redblacks
4 July 6th B.C. Lions Toronto Argonauts
4 July 6th Calgary Stampeders Saskatchewan Roughriders
5 July 11th Edmonton Eskimos B.C. Lions
5 July 12th Toronto Argonauts Winnipeg Blue Bombers
5 July 13th Montreal Alouettes Ottawa Redblacks
5 July 13th Calgary Stampeders Hamilton Tiger-Cats
6 July 18th Toronto Argonauts Calgary Stampeders
6 July 19th Ottawa Redblacks Winnipeg Blue Bombers
6 July 20th Edmonton Eskimos Montreal Alouettes
6 July 20th B.C. Lions Saskatchewan Roughriders
7 July 25th Calgary Stampeders Ottawa Redblacks
7 July 25th Toronto Argonauts Edmonton Eskimos
7 July 26th Winnipeg Blue Bombers Hamilton Tiger-Cats
7 July 27th Saskatchewan Roughriders B.C. Lions
8 August 1st Winnipeg Blue Bombers Toronto Argonauts
8 August 1st Hamilton Tiger-Cats Saskatchewan Roughriders
8 August 2nd Ottawa Redblacks Montreal Alouettes
8 August 3rd Edmonton Eskimos Calgary Stampeders
9 August 8th Calgary Stampeders Winnipeg Blue Bombers
9 August 9th Saskatchewan Roughriders Montreal Alouettes
9 August 9th Ottawa Redblacks Edmonton Eskimos
9 August 10th B.C. Lions Hamilton Tiger-Cats
10 August 15th B.C. Lions Winnipeg Blue Bombers
10 August 16th Edmonton Eskimos Toronto Argonauts
10 August 17th Hamilton Tiger-Cats Ottawa Redblacks
10 August 17th Montreal Alouettes Calgary Stampeders
11 August 23rd Winnipeg Blue Bombers Edmonton Eskimos
11 August 24th Ottawa Redblacks Saskatchewan Roughriders
11 August 24th Hamilton Tiger-Cats B.C. Lions
11 August 25th Montreal Alouettes Toronto Argonauts
12 September 1st Winnipeg Blue Bombers Saskatchewan Roughriders
12 September 2nd Toronto Argonauts Hamilton Tiger-Cats
12 Septembe 2nd Edmonton Eskimos Calgary Stampeders
13 September 6th B.C. Lions Montreal Alouettes
13 September 7th Toronto Argonauts Ottawa Redblacks
13 September 7th Saskatchewan Roughriders Winnipeg Blue Bombers
13 September 7th Calgary Stampeders Edmonton Eskimos
14 September 13th Ottawa Redblacks B.C. Lions
14 September 14th Hamilton Tiger-Cats Calgary Stampeders
14 September 14th Montreal Alouettes Saskatchewan Roughriders
15 September 20th Calgary Stampeders Toronto Argonauts
15 September 20th Hamilton Tiger-Cats Edmonton Eskimos
15 September 21st Winnipeg Blue Bombers Montreal Alouettes
15 September 21st B.C. Lions Ottawa Redblacks
16 September 27th Hamilton Tiger-Cats Winnipeg Blue Bombers
16 September 28th Edmonton Eskimos Ottawa Redblacks
16 September 28th Saskatchewan Roughriders Toronto Argonauts
16 September 28th Montreal Alouettes B.C. Lions
17 October 4th Edmonton Eskimos Hamilton Tiger-Cats
17 October 5th Calgary Stampeders Montreal Alouettes
17 October 5th Winnipeg Blue Bombers Saskatchewan Roughriders
17 October 5th Toronto Argonauts B.C. Lions