avatar Written by Graeme & Scott on Friday, June 21st, 2013

With the CFL season about to kick off, we’re going to cover CFL 2013 season prop bets.

Currently, there are two places to bet these props.

Those sportsbooks are Bovada and Bovada.

They currently offer a list of future prop bets.

Below are the prop bets offered – all by team and these are the only prop bets currently available anywhere online for the entire season:

  • What Team Will Have The Regular Season Best Record
  • What Team Will Have The Regular Season Worst Record
  • Specific Team Over/Under Regular Season Wins

In this article, we’re going to be providing a few CFL Prop Bet Betting Tips for you to take advantage of. Remember, head to Bovada to place these bets.

Bet the CFL 2013 Best Record:

We think the best bet for this one, is the Toronto Argonauts.

Looking at the betting odds, the favourites are:

  • BC Lions: 3.20
  • Calgary Stampeders: 4.50
  • Montreal Alouettes: 4.50
  • Toronto Argonauts: 6.50

We’re big believers that the Argonauts will win the East this season, so based on that we obviously favour them over the Alouettes. We’re also thinking the West will see it be very tight between the Lions and the Stampeders, while Winnipeg could also produce some shocks, and the Eskimos are a team we think could be the sleeper hit of the season.

Bet the Argonauts to have the best record – 6.50 odds is a fantastic price – at Bovada.

Bet the CFL 2013 Worst Record:

Betting odds for worst record are:

  • Winnipeg Blue Bombers: 3.25
  • Edmonton Eskimos: 3.50
  • Hamilton Tiger-Cats: 7.00
  • Saskatchewan Roughriders: 6.00

We really like the Hamilton Tiger-Cats at 7.00 odds.

That’s a steal. Toronto and Montreal should dominate the East. Saskatchewan are the hosts of the Grey Cup – that ALWAYS gives a team a lift. Meanwhile you have Hamilton, who are coming off the Chris Williams saga AND are without home advantage this year(playing in Guelph).

The odds of 7.00 here are fantastic. Edmonton we do think will pick up quite a few wins, while Winnipeg are getting crapped on by the sportsbooks but their main problem is at quarterback – if they can get that sorted out they’re golden.

Go with Tiger-Cats at the high 7.00 odds at Bovada.

Team Over/Under Records Betting:

So the other prop we can bet on is total regular season wins in 2013. For example, you can bet that the Roughriders will have over 9 or under 9 wins in the season, or that the Stampeders will have over or under 11 wins etc. Pretty self-explanatory right?

Every team plays 18 games. One thing to note this year is that there doesn’t seem to be any one dominant force, so it’s unlikely we’ll get a season like 2009, where the Alouettes picked up a massive 15 wins during the season.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers: Over 6.5 Wins

The sportsbooks are crapping all over the Blue Bombers this season and the season hasn’t even begun yet. Last season however they had a TON of problems yet still managed to pick up 6 wins. They know their issues from last season and they’ve moved to remedy that.

We think they can pick up at least 7 out of 18 wins, and possibly a couple more. Go with over 6.5 wins, available at Bovada.

Toronto Argonauts: Over 9 Wins

Last season, the Argonauts were a mess during the regular season. It’s amazing to look at the Argos during the regular season, and how they played post-season. It was a big difference.

Yet they still managed to notch 9 wins.

We think the Argonauts are going to be strong this season, coming off the back of the Grey Cup win. Qualification for the playoffs is likely, and we think they can win the division as well.

Based on that, betting the Argonauts over 9 wins at Bovada is a no-brainer.

And onto the West…

BC Lions: Under 11.5 Wins

The BC Lions have had a big revamp. We also think the Stampeders are the best team to take down the West.

Either way – BC Lions will find it tough. They’ll take a bit to get going with all the changes. Will they figure things out? More than likely – and the 2nd half of the season we think the Lions will be very strong. But by then we’re thinking it will be too late to pick up that crucial 12+ wins.

So back under 11.5 wins at Bovada.